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Credit Card Inactivity: A Silent Threat to Your Financial Health



Last Verified: May 10, 2023

We have noticed an upsurge in consumers have their credit card accounts closed due to inactivity. The lesson here? Use your cards regularly to keep them active.

Card issuers are increasingly vigilant in monitoring card usage. In the past, an unwritten rule allowed a card to sit idle for up to six months.

This should not encourage extravagant spending. The aim is to ensure some activity on all your cards. Even $1. Heading to the grocery store? Use a card that’s been gathering dust. Setting up recurring payments for utilities or subscriptions is another excellent strategy I’ve recently adopted to keep some of my lesser-used cards active.

However, for those carrying a balance and regularly making payments, your card is likely considered “active” by your issuer. This cautionary note is primarily directed towards those who don’t carry a balance and haven’t used their card for an extended period. Such cards can be deemed dormant by issuers, increasing the risk of sudden account closure.

In conclusion, the key to maintaining your credit card accounts is regular usage. Don’t let your cards gather dust. Small, regular transactions can help safeguard your accounts from unexpected closures due to inactivity. Consider this a friendly reminder to dust off those idle cards and put them back in the game!

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